What If Africa Only Used Cryptocurrencies?

Contributed by Africa Assemble
Cryptocurrencies are being integrated into our lives at an alarming rate. Even though governments are aiming to put sanctions against Bitcoin, some African countries are adopting the new form of finance. So what if Africa got rid of all cash and adopted digital currencies instead? How would it affect Africa for the good and the bad? FACT - Cryptocurrency cannot be physically banned Follow us on all social media: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/africassemble Instagram http://www.instagram.com/africassemble Twitter http://www.twitter.com/africassemble At Africa Assemble we go over What Ifs regarding Africa, for example: What if Lesotho Joined South Africa? - https://youtu.be/Zce6UhwxH10 What If Joe Biden Was Ghanaian President? - https://youtu.be/no_9bFGwZfo What If The Egyptian Pyraminds Were Never Built? - https://youtu.be/T_AUBJT8Jtk We also go over things to know about Africa like: The Billionaires of Africa - https://youtu.be/i8SObG7_QJI Safest Countries of Africa - https://youtu.be/RGB48FSmVz8 Feel free to subscribe, share and like #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #africa #dogecoin #ethereum

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